Have you ever thought about working with a Coach?

You are not alone and many are doing it. In my opinion ALL need a coach.  I tell all my athletes that I personally have a coach and if I need a coach, we all need a coach.  I am a fitness professional and have been for over 12 years and a business owner for 8 year.  So that is why I say,


“If I need one, you need one!”

– Married for 12 years
– 3 Kids (6, 9 and 16)
– Exercise Science, BS
– High School Strength and Conditioning Coach
– CrossFit L2
– CrossFit Kids L1
– CrossFit Endurance
– CrossFit Mobility
– Personal Trainer (12 Years)
– Gym Owner since 2009
– 2 locations:
StoneWay CrossFit (Seattle)
StoneWay CrossFit (Mt Shasta)

Are you looking for a Fitness Coach, Business Coach or just an Overall Coach aka “Life Coach”?

Please contact me for a “Discovery Call” if you would like to see if we are a good fit.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

Throughout your life, you’ll run into a very small and select number of individuals who are truly passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of those around them.

Scott is among those individuals.

He will not only inspire you to new heights but also equip you with the knowledge and technical know-how to get there. This guy is the real deal and he’s got a genuine heart to back it all up. Drop by and introduce yourself sometime and you’ll quickly understand what I mean.”

Jessie S.

“Scott is a tireless encourager, consummate professional in his craft, and all-around great guy. He’ll make you laugh, keep you motivated, and cater to your unique situation. The first day working with Scott is what made me realize I could push through limits I had set for myself. Scott is truly one of the best–if not THE best–coaches I’ve met, and he’s made me a better man because of the lessons he has taught mmet interdum non, fermentum in quam. “
Eric A.

“Working with Scott was such a positive experience in my life when I needed it the most. He gets to know you on a personal level so that he can help you to break through blocks, push harder than you think you can and inspire you to do more. He makes physical fitness not just about the amount of weight you can lift or the weight you lose but a whole life journey. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Scott I would strongly recommend taking some time to do so. ”
Leslie J.