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Each day our routine will consist of 3 main areas of focus:

 Fitness (15 minutes): We will use HIIT (hight intensity interval training) as our vehicle to increase our fitness and get a better bang for our buck.  Don’t be surprised when results start showing up faster than normal.

 Quiet time (5 minutes): Some call this meditation, prayer time or times of gratitude.  This is where we pause from all the rat racing and allow for peace to enter.
– Personal Investment (10 minutes): Personal development.  This is you investing in you.  Whether its reading, listening to a podcast, listening or sitting a reading a book (I’ll list a few of my favorites below).
If YOU believe you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, you will be successful, because you have no reason to believe you won’t.  Remember, it’s all about the process and not the product.  Fall in love with waking up early, going to the gym after work and feeling really sore, because once you personally buy into this process, you will be unstoppable.

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Our 3 Pillars – Foundation to Health

The 3 pillars defined in our challange are: Fitness, Mindset, and Accountablity.

We completely believe that you can not fully achieve your potential, let alone lose weight without these 3 pillars.

Fitness: Body

Each day we will move non-stop for 15 minutes LIVE  with Coach Scott, whether it’s in intervals (stop and go) or non-stop high intensity.

Mindset: Brain (Strongest Muscle)

Daily Motivation – Live intentionally with a mantra and you are unstoppable!

Accountability: NO More Excuses

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I firmly believe YOU have everything it takes to accomplish ANY goal you desire.  The place this starts at is between our ears.  Our limitations are held back by our beliefs.  If we think working out is hard and there’s no way we can lose that weight, we will be right.

If this is you, you are not alone and I answers for you. These conversations are so common and mostly unspoken. But that stops NOW!

You DESERVE to be happy!

Feeling SEXY is in your future!

Your KIDS are going to be so proud!

And I will share my secrets with you!

Why am I so confident that I can deliver you the results you have always desired? Because I was once in your shoes. The only difference is that I was a personal trainer who had zero time and I too wasn’t getting the results I fully desired until I started the program I am introducing to you. I fully believe that coaches, need coaches. So if I (a peronal trainer, coach and business owner) needs a coach, I fully believe YOU do to!

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My main focus is my clients. If they are achieving goals, moving more efficient, feeling better, looking better and most important, getting stronger I consider myself doing my job. Having over 11 years of experience working with a diverse population of clientele I feel very confident to work with any athlete. My background is full of experiences including: prior military service, nursing, triathlons, exercise science degree, national certification, father, husband and so much more.

Fitness has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Being active, playing sports and going to the gym is how my passion ignited. But, If I’m being 100% honest, I haven’t known exactly what to do the entire time. Growing up I had a “fat complex” because of friends calling me fat and then me feeling like I was a soft bodied person. So, as I continued to mature and get older I started to realize that being healthy inside and out is just as important as the other.

This challange is designed for individuals desiring to make a change in their life. Whether it’s their health, fitness, mindset or just to start creating new healthy habits. My goal to assist people find the life they have always desired to design.

– Coach Scott

Join our FREE 28 day challenge!

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