Today I reveal my secrets to a perfect day but especially your MONDAY!

The thing that we all can count on is, each of us will having a day to start off assuming, we all wake up.  The thing we can not count on is being in control of our day, unless we  are intentional about it.  A lot of people wake up and once their feet hit the ground they don’t stop.  When this is our reality, we do not get time to really invest in ourselves.  If we don’t have time to invest in us then we are giving up our time frame for other peoples time frame.  This type of living is very unbalanced and not very fruitful, if you are wanting to do this long term.

Below is my personal morning routine that I have developed to be very fruitful for myself and very balancing.  To be honest, my days are pretty slammed.  Slammed in a very good way but even those type days can turn bad very fast if I/We are not taking care of ourselves.

Again, this is my routine and I am not saying this should all be repeated but what I am saying, you definitely should get one established.

Coach Scott’s Morning Routine

  1. Wake-up: 4:10am
  2. Make Coffee: 4:15am
  3. Make a fire: 4:16am
  4. Take Ice Cold Shower: 4:20am
  5. After shower start listening to book or motivational speaker: 4:25am (this continues until 5:30-5:50am)
  6. Brush teeth with opposite. hand (my right): 4:26am
  7. Complete my bathroom routine: 4:30am
  8. Fill my coffee mug: 4:35am
  9. Out the door to the gym aka my office: 4:40-50am
  10. Arrive at gym/office and start working: 5:00am

This routine keeps me productive throughout the day and week.  Every day (except Thursday and Sunday) I workout at 10:00am to 12:00pm.  This is my time block that never gets up rooted.  Now there are a few times it may whether it’s family related or I am traveling but when that does happen, I immediately reschedule it, so my “SELF CARE” is taken care of.

What Else is Going On With Coach Scott This Week?

I’m am: 

  1. Reading (re-reading): Living with a Seal: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet. By Jesse Itzler
  2. Coaching CrossFit Classes: at StoneWay CrossFit (Mt. Shasta)
  3. Coaching my: Project180 – 6 Week Boot Camp (Online)
  4. Drinking: Kangen Water (Ph 9.5)
    1. Been drinking this for over a month and have seen personal change in my overall recovery and mood
    2. Result from personal experience:
      1. Increased energy
      2. Body is not as sore as normal from working out
      3. I sleep throughout the night
      4. Overall mood has been awesome
      5. Have not experienced a drop in mood (this is a big deal, I would have this happen at least 1 x per 15-30 days.


I would love to hear from you and how your week is going so far and any wins you may have had. My goal on the whole “Mindset Monday” project is to help others get out of the dumps on their Monday but also their over week.

To your health friends!