My Story (if you just want to see the products I think are the best, scroll down)

It was late March of 2006 when I started my personal training journey.  In no way did I think I would be owning a gym 12 years later nor would I ever be in a sales profession.  It was day 2 of me working at a downtown gym in Seattle, WA that I realized I was in a sales job.  For years, my younger brother would talk to me about job opportunities but more specifically, business opportunities. I would listen for a while then I would cut in and tell him that, this type of lifestyle was not what I was called for.  I would continue to tell him that I am the “Best Employee” type and owning my own business was not for me.

It has now been over 8 years since I was let go from my previous work place and I am forever grateful to my new boss who gave me that ultimatum.  There was a new boss who had just started and he was conducting a meeting with all the trainers on staff.  When I walked into my appointment, my new boss greeted me, as I did him then we sat down.  Now prior to this new boss coming on campus, I had been conducting a co-ed boot camp in a park by my place of residents.  This boot camp has been going on for 5 months strong.  See, I was testing this idea out that I had.  I wanted to see if I could pull off a boot camp in the part and could I eventually go off on my own as an independent personal trainer?  When one becomes an independent personal trainer they no longer have a boss but are solely dependent on their own skills to produce enough income to support themselves.  When it came to my personal situation, it was supporting my family.

So as we sat down, I knew that he knew what I was doing outside of the gym.  So it was at this time that he told me that I could not do both and he asked me, “What would be my decision?”

It was at that moment I told him that today would be my last day!

I have never looked back at that moment and wished it played out any other way then the way it did.  I am so proud of how bold I was and how confident I was in that decision, even though I was super nervous to venture out on my own.  My new boss attempted to challenge my decision but it did not succeed because I knew the big ideas I had.  Now, they weren’t super detailed or did I even have answers but I knew I wanted to help more people!

The reason I share my story is for two reasons: 1) I want to let everyone know that, If can do it, so can you! and 2) I know what it feels like to have a passion and to be really scared at the same time!

After the meeting, I texted my wife and I remember her not even being worried.  The next day I went to Pete’s coffee shop and started the paper work to owning my own gym.

Hope you enjoyed that story!

Below is a list of my favorite products.  I am always asked about my recommendation for gear and supplements, so I finally have made a post about it and an easy reference point.  Everything I recommend is either something I currently use or have in the past and still believe in it!

If you are reading this, it’s because you asked me my opinion or you just found my site:).

Either way, thanks for visiting!

Blonyx HMB + Creatine

I have been using this creatine for over a year and love everything about it.  It’s simple, has a small scoop and very impactful to my training.  The biggest change I have seen with my use of Blonyx HMB + Creatine is my strength and my consistency of strength.  All my lifts feel better and overall I feel more solid.  I would highly recommend this everyone (male and females)!

Blonyx Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a pre-workout that both male and females can use.  The biggest difference in this product that I see is in my cardio.  If you like to lift heavy with low reps or light with high reps this is a product I would definitely add to your protocol.  *BEWARE – This will make your toes tingly!

Reband Knee Sleeves

Knee protection is KING in all types of training.  Before any of my athletes start training and they have mentioned anything about having tender knees, my suggestion is to always buy a pair of knee sleeves!  They give you two options, 5mm and 7mm.  If you want to wear them all the time, get the 5mm.  If you prefer to wear mostly when squatting, then the 7mm is a good decision.

Rock Tape Lifting Gloves

I am constantly made fun of for wearing gloves when I lift weights.  To be honest, I would kind of do the same when I would see someone wearing gloves.  But not any more.  I personally have had 3 pair of these gloves over that past 5 years I love them so much.  These help with barbell grip and prevent cracking of my skins, especially at the bottom of my finger.  The fit is so snug it’s like you aren’t wearing anything at all and for me that is so important.

Progenex – Recovery

I have been using Progenex (Recovery) for over 7 years now.  This is designed to be a consumed after your workout. When you are done training it is key to have a hydrolyzed protein.  What does “Hydrolyzed Protein” mean?  It simply means that is is readily absorbed once consumed. Instead of taking 3-4 hours to break down then absorb. This is key to muscle recovery and growth.  The BEST part of this product is that it taste incredible!  Above is a video I made a few years back.

Progenex – More Muscle

The video above is a video I made years back.  It’s 2018 today and I am still a HUGE fan!  This is the protein drink you want to use to supplement your protein intake. My recommendation 100% of the time is 80-90% of your daily intake should all be whole food products.  This simply means, REAL food.  This protein mix is full BCAA (branched chain amino acids) and really is a high quality protein.  My daily recommendation is 1-2 servings and no more, unless there is a special situation (traveling, day full of meetings, etc).

I hope you enjoyed a few of my suggestions.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate dropping me an email at!